I believe the heart of therapy is an authentic and trusting relationship. I work compassionately with individuals, couples, & families to help alleviate the painful symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, ADHD,  unresolved grief, trauma, relational issues,  poor body image, & low self esteem. Working collaboratively with clients, I can help to develop insight and aid in breaking unhealthy patterns to provide a greater sense of self & well being. 

As a clinician with licensure in Professional Mental Health Counseling and a background in Marriage and Family Therapy, I work with a variety of presenting issues in individuals ranging in ages 16+.  I provide a strength-based approach towards clients inclusive of all race, size, age, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The approaches I use include but are not limited to: Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotion-Focused & Experiential, Structural Family Therapy, Family Systems, & Intuitive Eating. 


In my 14 years of working in community mental health and most recently, as a trauma therapist, I have learned that the therapeutic element that propels us to changing our lives has a lot to do with the connection we can build with a therapist. Finding a safe and inviting space can help us endure the distress of beginning an unknown journey towards healing.

My therapy approaches primarily stem from mind-body modalities such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, acculturation problems, relationships issues, alcohol and drug addictions and all types of traumas. 

I work with individuals ages 16+ and am currently only doing telehealth/video sessions.



Having a masters degree in both counseling and Art Therapy, my therapy approaches are heavily rooted in art therapy techniques, though not limited to that style.  Through the use of the creative process, art making and symbolic language, we can better understand ourselves and how we perceive our life, good parts and the bad.  It isn’t always comfortable going outside the regular “talk therapy” and engaging with art materials, but my goal is to create that safe place for the healing process, empowerment, regression and self discovery.

I treat individuals and couples ages 18+ with problems including, but not limited to, those with addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression. 


Through collaboration and exploration, we will work to heal wounds, rewrite old narratives, find your strengths, and learn new coping skills.

At times, our struggles can feel overwhelming. My main goal is to create a space that feels safe and comfortable, in hopes that we can build a trusting and productive therapeutic relationship so you don’t have to carry the heavy stuff alone anymore.

Engaging in therapy creates opportunity to grow, learn, and find acceptance. Even when the work becomes difficult, I'll be there to help you through it. I look forward to being a part of this journey with you.

I treat individuals ages 16+ with issues ranging from anxiety, depression, grief.  I enjoy taking a psychoanalytic approach, though not limited to that style.


Christi Mackary

Virtual Client Care/ Administrative Assistant

When you give us a call you may or may not encounter Christi.  If you leave a message, she'll be sure to get back to you shortly!  Christi helps to get you our intake forms and scheduled with our therapists!